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Image of Mario Ramirez, Mexican artist taken at the shore of Lake Chapala, in Jalisco, Mexico.


Mario Ramirez

Mario Ramirez is a local artist and a muralist with an extensive portfolio of paintings and murals around the Ajijic, Mexico’s community, and the lakeside areas. Originally from Tequila, Jalisco, in the heart of the blue tequila agave fields in gorgeous central Mexico. 


Mario possesses an innate artistic aptitude, a talent he uncovered during his youth. Over time, he’s been continually expanding his skills and craft, and recently, he made the decision to embark on an independent career and is thoroughly enjoying it. 


Mario has various preferred art mediums, including acrylics, watercolors, charcoal, oil, linocuts, and his most current, scratchboard engraving art. He has gained ample visibility for his exceptional mural art, which can be found prominently displayed on walls of lakeside residences and businesses, earning him a distinguished reputation.


His peculiar art style displays a unique blend of colors, movement, patterns, and intricate details, and his wall art collection is featured alongside lobbies, atriums, patios, domes, and gardens of the area, refreshing their view with an exquisite palette of colors and a vibrant perspective for fine Mexican folk art and culture.


Mario's artwork has received numerous recognitions and accolades from local artists, international visitors, and lake community members. He has also been honored with Ajijic Casa de la Cultura (Cultural Center) awards and collective art exhibits. His work has been featured in various art shows and galleries throughout Chapala Lake and Guadalajara. 


Visit the Mario Ramirez Art page on Facebook, where additional art material is being showcased. It is an excellent source of visual inspiration. If you're interested in commissioning artwork, please email with any inquiries.

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